Size of Company
Simply Business is the largest online business insurance broker with 420,000 customers. They employ 400 staff in their Northampton and London offices.

Location of Company
99 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7NG.

Type of Company
Simply Business are an online insurance business broker.

Client Brief
Cityspace were appointed to relocate staff to a new London headquarters. We were asked to create a productive and collaborative agile working environment for staff to complete both quiet tasks and group work.


Design Challenges & Considerations    
The overall project saw Cityspace addressing the workspace needs of a young group of Millennials. Collaborative spaces were created using high benches and booths. These areas were placed next to adjacent teams, for effortless collaboration to be achieved. The careful use of furniture allowed a simple transition between formal and informal work spaces while considering wellbeing for individuals at work.

Key Project Achievements
This project proved to be a design evolution for Cityspace.  We were tested by the client to push our design boundaries further with impressive results – Google Hangout was located at the end of every desking configuration, we changed the design orientation of desks to create an inviting space, while working with unusual room sizes and proportions. A light tunnel was also designed and installed to present show reels. To give the show reels a greater impact, our designer specified a darker ceiling surface. 
The completed project provided facilities to maximize the productivity of individuals and the right environment required to fulfill new ways of working.