We provide extensive support to clients in the early stages of planning an office change through our Evaluation Report. This contains a full building appraisal and feasibility plan to ensure you use your new space in the most productive and cost-effective way.

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions(FAQ) on building evaluation.

Yes, we can. Cityspace provides extensive support to clients in the early stages of selecting a new building.

Our Evaluation Report helps you gauge the suitability of a potential building for your occupational needs via a full building appraisal and feasibility plan. In this report, we ensure that the space suits your company’s organisational structure and working style, has flexibility for the future, and allows for any envisaged expansion. Most importantly, we also produce an unbiased cost analysis of the financial aspects of the building, in order to gauge the long-term costs associated with any particular building under consideration.

This means you can have confidence at the outset that a building is the right fit for your organisation, and that there are no unpleasant (and costly) surprises down the track.
We can provide this as well. For speculative buildings, we can visit the space, normally within 48 hours of a request, and then provide an email summary of our observations.

For these initial assessments, we look at how the office space will fit your brief and if there are any potential layout difficulties, and do a visual inspection of the condition of the building infrastructure, compliance with building regulations and health and safety legislation, and a review of the fit and finish of common areas.

As a result of this initial visual inspection, you will have some clear information to help you decide if the building is worthy of being shortlisted.
For buildings on your shortlist, our Evaluation Report contains all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision on a potential office space.

We provide a space plan test fit, where we confirm that the office is the right size and configuration for your needs, in addition to providing a maximum density plan to indicate the future growth potential of the space.

We provide a cost plan, outlining both the minimum cost of your new office, and a list of interior design options for your board or steering group to consider. We supplement this with a move program to allow you to plan a successful move.

We provide a detailed report on any issues or defects associated with the building or infrastructure, including mechanical, electrical, or health and safety systems.

Additionally, we indicate costs for any rectification works that may be required to the space. These costs can be used by your agent in negotiations with the landlords on capital contributions or to have the defects rectified. It is worth noting that in the 30 years we have been offering this service, we have always found defects of a greater value than the cost of our Evaluation Report.
In the unusual event that your ideal building has technical issues associated with the infrastructure, we can carry out a full pre-commissioning survey. This report includes details of the operation of the air conditioning and air flow rates, water tests to indicate the internal condition of the plant and pipe work, and electrical condition surveys.

With this detailed information you can then be clear on your options, to either negotiate better terms on the office lease, or ask for a capped service charge, or indeed walk away from the building due to the economics involved.