We recognise that our clients’ requirements can change during the life of their office lease. We therefore provide a full downstream interior design service for all alterations in keeping with the original design and an extensive catalogue of commercial furniture.

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions(FAQ) regarding aftercare.

We recognise that our clients’ requirements can change during the life of their office lease and we therefore offer a full downstream interior design and alteration service.

No business stands still and we can keep you fully up to speed with space planning changes, whether it be a change in working style, team layouts, updating branding, reconfiguring offices and meeting rooms, or working out how to fit another 20 people into a space.

We provide a full downstream interior design service for all alterations in keeping with the original design and also, uniquely within our industry, we aim to bring back the same site team from the initial project. This means the same trades that built your office will execute your alterations.

The great advantage of this is that we know your office, how it’s constructed, the house rules, and your landlord’s restrictions, meaning we can deliver any changes both quickly and effectively.
We have extensive experience in delivering construction changes onsite, in situ and out of hours. The secret to our success is our site managers who are highly skilled at understanding the sensitivities of office staff, and dealing effectively with both landlords and building facilities teams.

We plan carefully to minimise the number of internal moves required around building work, and work effectively to deal with any dust, dirt or debri before staff return the next morning. And we’re realistic about how long things take, so we meet both our clients and their staffs’ expectations.

Our contractors have all been working with us in excess of 10 years, and work to the highest professional standards in both occupied and out of hours situations.
Yes, we can fully manage all statutory and landlord approvals. Even relatively simple alterations, such as reconfiguring an office or meeting room, carry with them building standards requirements such as fresh air ventilation and fire detection systems, and also require landlord approval.

We can take care of the whole process from getting authorization from the landlord, ensuring works are within the rules and regulations of the building, and in adherence of all building standards and health and safety legislation.
At Cityspace, we know all about offices, and we also know that offices are all about people, so we can devise a plan and timetable of phased moves to minimise disruption and inconvenience to staff while any alteration works are undertaken.
Yes, we can agree in advance a cost framework for any alterations(either on a yearly basis or for the lease term).

Many occupiers experience difficulties when it comes to downstream interior design or construction changes, because their original supplier is simply not interested in coming back to help with smaller changes once the initial project is completed. Alternative contractors can turn out to be overpriced and unreliable.

At Cityspace, we like to work in a long-term partnership with our clients, supporting them throughout the entire life of their lease.
Cityspace is not a maintenance contractor, however we can recommend a number of very good firms that can provide clients with downstream maintenance, including 24 hour call out for emergencies. Just contact us and we can put you in touch with our recommended specialists in this area.
Yes, we are happy to provide warranties, which will vary according to the nature and complexity of the works.


Yes, we have an extensive catalogue of commercial furniture items from which clients can make a selection, including desks and chairs, reception areas, soft furnishings, high tables, through to accessories like whiteboards, clocks, etc. This catalogue provides clients with consistency of product, finishes, price and delivery.

Because we buy in bulk and have negotiated deals with some of Europe’s leading commercial furniture manufacturers, our prices are very competitive and we can also negotiate rates for furniture items on an annual basis.
We can guarantee continuity of supply on all our furniture products for at least 5 years, meaning clients are able to fully match the design, style, colour and finish of new furniture purchases with the existing items in their office.
All our furniture products have full manufacturing guarantees for at least 5 years, and in some cases for 10 years.
Yes, we offer framework agreements which give clients certainty of furniture costs and delivery over a time period. We also offer volume rebates for larger orders.
Yes, our framework agreements provide significant advantages for large, multi-site occupiers, who often want clarity of future costs and consistency of product specification.

For these clients, we also hold an asset register detailing in each location the number of pieces and the colour, which helps clients ensure all their furniture fits together and looks the same if they decide to relocate teams within different sites.
Small orders are not a problem. We have a central warehouse where we obtain and assemble furniture, and a daily service van to drop off and install items in our clients’ offices.