Working Partners LtD.

Working Partners Ltd.

Size of Company
Working Partners Ltd. has 50 employees situated at their Kingsway office.

Location of Company
9 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6XF.

Type of Company
Working Partners Ltd. is a media Production Company creating children and family fiction.

Client Brief
Cityspace were appointed to design and relocate our client’s office. We were asked to maximise the office functionality by introducing a collaborative hub with alternative furniture solutions, to harmonise the design of the space.

Design Challenges & Considerations
The client’s existing space was crammed and disorderly. Access to meeting rooms was through the open plan area and there was insufficient space for breakout or concentration works areas. We were tasked to create a collaboration hub between the teams. Haven sofas were used for quiet areas and meeting rooms were installed away from the office area. This allowed staff to have a private space away from visitors. Bespoke display units were installed for optimum presentation of merchandise. 

Key Project Achievements
Cityspace created an informal residential design. We used natural tones throughout the space to highlight the client’s colourful and playful book portfolio. This created a strong image, capable of representing the dynamic culture of the company. Open plan desking areas around the hub helped bring the teams together, encouraging staff communication. We maximised transparency and natural light by the use of glass partitioning throughout the executive meeting areas.