The interior 3D approach works by creation of a design simulation that allows our designers to create any object, then to rotate and examine it from any conceivable angle to determine accuracy and functionality. 3D modelling also gives our designers the capability to apply texture, lights, and colour to their design to make photo-realistic images for presentation, including a walkthrough of the finished lay out. Our 3D design software can also be cut to show sections of a building and provide isometrics of a floor so the design can be viewed from above.

In practice, our early design ideas are presented in the form of sketches clad with finishes whilst our final 3D designs are photo realistic images that enable you to see the final scheme before you agree a sign off. Examples of our 3D work can be found on this website and our Youtube page click here.

New for 2017, Cityspace are building a client interaction area in their offices to assist you in your next office project from concept stage through to full implementation.

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