For ABW to succeed, designs should best reflect how the workspace infrastructure can support employee and organisational performance. 
Staff groups and organisational members should be provided with the right facilities to enable them to carry out their roles with maximum efficiency in an environment which promotes relative creativity and wellbeing.  
Whilst any office design adopted will be dependent upon cultural/physical limitations, more radical schemes will require senior management buy in and all schemes will ultimately be dependent upon why there is a driving force for change. Where a design consultant fails to question your organisation in sufficient detail, do not be surprised if the resultant space feels much more like a call centre with a few well intentioned soft furnishings. 
If you would like to confidentially discuss the implications of ABW for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We can help you;

  • Review how your workspaces are currently designed
  • Explore what changes could be tabled with due consideration to work culture and practices 
  • Suggest ways you may improve the work space 
  • Recommend next steps to improve your workplace efficiency and staff wellbeing

There still seems to be much confusion (in the design industry and with occupiers) as to what “Activity Based Working” requires a company to actually do.  Research companies offering major staff surveys are still failing to address the issues of how people are being managed, for fear of offending the sponsor. Thus where statistics indicate an office as a great place to work may in fact have nothing to do with the work environment and simply reflect an effective manager who supports and guides their team. Similarly, a beautiful well thought out office design, may fail in its function due to the closed management style fostered within the organisation.  
Cityspace team have spent much time reflecting on this issue and have revisited offices to speak to staff about how their design changes have;

  • Genuinely increased productivity 
  • Improved staff wellbeing 
  • Developed their design thinking to take into account different management and leadership styles

If you would like to confidentially discuss the implications of activity based work style for your organisation with our managing director and design team, please do not hesitate to contact us via