Raymond James

Raymond James

Size of Company
Raymond James is one of the fastest growing wealth managers in the UK. The US parent company has revenue of $ 6.37 billion. This project relocated 137 staff to create a London headquarters.

Location of Company
5 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AG.

Type of Company
Raymond James is an investment services company.

Client Brief
Cityspace were appointed to design and construct a new headquarters for Raymond James. Our client required a classic workspace creating a seamless integration with their building’s post-modern architecture.

Design Challenges & Considerations    
A combination of various informal meeting areas and collaboration spaces were introduced to encourage new ways of working. Increased communication and agile working were key factors to this new space - their previous office was limited as it was spanned across two floors. 

Certain teams were initially resistant to the introduction of booths and vending areas, for collaborative workspace. However, from project completion to current date, these areas have been fully occupied with excellent collaborative results.
Key Project Achievements
We successfully met the client brief by introducing differing meeting zones, client facing areas and informal meeting hubs. Raymond James wanted to portray a professional environment without opulence. We used traditional materials such as bespoke oak and marble, combined with a warm palette of rich colours and lush textures. Porcelain tiles were specified in the reception area to compliment the marble main entrance. Overall Cityspace created a timeless and sophisticated design.