Hitachi Consulting

Size of Company
Hitachi Consulting are part of the Hitachi Japanese conglomerate company, employing 6,500 people worldwide. This project involved the relocation and merger of 252 consultants to Bouverie House.

Location of Company
13 – 15 Bouverie Street, London, EC4Y 8DP.

Type of Company
Hitachi Consulting specialise in information and operational technology.

Client Brief
Hitachi Consulting wanted to merge and relocate two London offices, to create a new European headquarters. Cityspace were appointed to redesign and refurbish the workspace, while the client remained in occupation.

Design Challenges & Considerations
Agile working principles were employed to encourage integration and communication between staff. When faced with the challenge of telephone confidentiality in Hitachi Consulting’s open plan office, Cityspace installed acoustic telephone boxes. 
Our branding consultant was engaged to originate a theme relevant to the Japanese connection to 12 worldwide Hitachi office locations. Window and wall graphics, displaying a specific flower/plant were used to artistically link each location.

Key Project Achievements
Cityspace created a new space with 80 desks for 252 consultants. We took the necessary time to understand Hitachi’s business needs and created a design to suit the functionality of the workplace. To ensure this happened we provided informal meeting spaces adjacent to desk clusters. Overall the design elements worked together to compliment different work modes - individual retreats, collaborative areas along with small and large meeting spaces.