Butterfield Mortgages

butterfield mortgages

Size of Company
Butterfield is a full-service Bank and Wealth Manager. Its headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda, providing services to clients from Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. Its principal banking operations are located in the Bahamas, Switzerland, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Location of company
Sun Court, 66-67 Cornhill, London, London EC3V 3NB

Type of Company
Butterfield Mortgages Limited is a prime property mortgage provider with a focus on the needs of local and International High Net Worth (HNW) individuals. It benefits from a dedicated relationship management team in the London office which has provided bespoke mortgage solutions in the UK for over 20 years.
Client Brief
The client decided to expand to another floor at their existing London office so that they could provide additional space for an increase in staff numbers as well as create a variety of meeting rooms for their clients. They also asked for the office space to be as open as possible including the option to have a small number of cellular areas.

Design Challenges & Considerations
By expanding to another floor, we created two distinct areas, one for welcoming clients and one for their staff members. The design of the office was monochrome, sophisticated and minimal. Our design and build team introduced touches of dark leather, dark wood tops and grey tones. We selected timeless and high-quality pieces of furniture to create a classic yet modern look.

We continued with the same theme in the reception area - dark leather armchairs, dark walnut tops, extra backing for the carpets to create a lush and luxurious effect. The lighting features were as minimal as possible, and we used cold lights to highlight the company’s logo in the reception area.

During the fit-out, the third floor was an empty floor, so we were able to adapt and complete the project in a short amount of time. We developed a bespoke plan for staff members to move their desks temporarily, without interrupting their work whilst the fit-out was completed.
Key Project Achievements
We examined how Butterfield operates in the UK and how they assist their clients. So, to make their clients feel welcomed, we created a comfortable lounge area, the much-needed private meeting rooms, and a separate kitchen area, that would allow an in-house chef to prepare canapes and dining opportunities for clients.

We added a folding wall behind the reception to create an extra touch of privacy. In the reception area, we designed and installed a bespoke display unit for the company’s temporary art exhibitions, awards and brochures.

The client is delighted with the new office design. The look and feel of the office now meet their customers’ expectations.