Size of Company
Brands2Life have offices in London and San Francisco. 150 staff are based at the Bluefin Building, Southwark.

Location of Company
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU.

Type of Company
Brands2Life are an award winning PR and communications agency specialising in consumer brand storytelling.

Client Brief
Cityspace were appointed to relocate 150 staff to the modern Bluefin Building on Bankside. Our brief was to design a creative and motivational workspace which reflected the company’s culture and business aspirations.

Design Challenges & Considerations        
The move to the Bluefin Building saw Cityspace overcome the challenge of a restrictive landlord; regarding visibility limitations within the building’s central atrium. We were able to create carefully zoned workspaces with alternative work points and a large open plan contemporary kitchen - all approved by the landlord. Our design considerations moved Brands2Life away from a traditional working office, using desks and pedestals, to activity based workstyle using collaborative spaces and lockers. This enabled both creativity and productivity. 

Key Project Achievements
Brands2Life previously occupied an outdated building with a fragmented and disconnected workspace. In a culture founded on creativity, the space did not reflect the company’s brand or commercial progression. Cityspace employed a creative use of materials - exposed plywood and neon signage in the reception area, along with versatile furniture solutions in the open plan.
The residential design combined an industrial aesthetic for an underlying Danish influence.