DEsign consultancy

Below you can find answers to questions you may have regarding our design consultancy.

Yes - if you provide us with your existing office floor plan, we are happy to meet and review current layouts.

During this meeting we’ll consider factors like how many more people you need to fit in, restrictions on occupational density imposed by your fire officer or landlord, limitations on infrastructure, and the number of years left on your lease. From this conversation we can then come up with the most practical and cost efficient solutions for your particular circumstances.

Can you help us with the decision of whether to stay and renovate or relocate to new offices?

Absolutely, we can help you decide whether to stay where you are or to move to new premises. We can review your current office space and make recommendations on how to utilise this better, including considerations of space, workstyle and infrastructure. We can also help you identify and assess new locations, including helping you fulfill your current lease obligations to ensure a smooth exit.