Cityspace founded as a furniture dealership providing solutions to European and North American blue-chip multi Nationals.


Opened offices in the Middle East and Far East.


Microsoft 95 Windows arrived, transforming many businesses by introducing huge numbers of people around the world to computers and the Internet.


Improving efficiency and space management in the workplace, the corner core desk arrived, providing users with space for the CRT colour PC monitor.


Andrew Seward joined Cityspace and formed the construction division.


Cityspace engages in electronic communication (through its first email address run by the IT manager info@) allowing the combination of several media, such as data, graphics, video and sound, into one message.


Cityspace has one of the first Mitel VOIP phone installs in London for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).


Andrew Seward (Managing Director) purchased the company, trading history and brand.


Utilisation of office space transformed through the replacement of Wave desks and the introduction of Corner core desking.


Desk innovation and adaptation from rectangular to wave, generates space efficiency changes, enabling replacement of the CRT monitor and the main stream adoption of LCD flat screens.


Bench desk arrived enabling improved communication opportunities and more flexible working.


Cityspace invests in the development of the business through introduction of its first iPhone and production of 3D design visuals in house.


Cityspace is an early adopter of Activity Based Working (ABW), using it as a transformational business strategy with its first client.


Cityspace transforms the ethos of the office environment through installation of furniture pods, enabling meeting spaces to be created seamlessly in an open plan environment.


Cityspace embraces the connectivity of design, construction and individual well-being by incorporating monitor arms with reference to established ergonomics.


Cityspace embraces the departure of central office communication rooms and supports the main stream adoption of remote data centres on the cloud.


Since 1989, Cityspace successfully moved over 1000 companies and continued to provide a wide range of services to new and existing clients.


Cityspace supports business transformation through its advancement of Activity Based Working using client survey/evaluation methodology.


Building on its approach to Activity Based Working, Cityspace explores the incorporation of individual well-being within its business strategy. 


Cityspace turnover increased by 50%, with 1300 completed projects to date; delivered on time, on budget and without any health and safety issues.  


Cityspace's property database exceeds 10,000 records, offering clients 
the widest choice of both on and off-market opportunities.


Cityspace celebrates 30 years of providing clients with market leading workplace design and build.