Cityspace specifies, where possible, materials from renewable sources or products with a recycled content. All our construction waste is segregated for recycling.

Where our clients are upgrading electrical or mechanical systems, we design schemes using the most energy efficient lighting sources.

We have had in place, since 2003, an environmental strategy and process that strives to achieve high levels of recycling, the reduction of waste, reduced energy usage and the use of energy efficient products wherever possible. Where Cityspace are able to specify the replacement of air conditioning and fresh air ventilation systems, we will always select the solutions that are the most energy efficient.

We also are committed to using our design expertise to reduce the use of non-environmentally harmful products and increase the use of sustainable products particularly timbers and carpets and low energy systems. If we can improve the insulation of a property whilst undertaking refurbishment works, this will be discussed during the planning stage of our work.